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Vasudev Akkitham

About The Artist

Fulbright experience New York City had always fascinated me. The energy and spirit of that place has no parallels. The experience I had of a short visit to New York in 1997 was really what prompted me to apply for Fulbright fellowship. I was interested in spending six months there, nowhere else. As a practicing artist who is also a teacher, my initial desire was to associate with an important art institute there and learn more about the syllabi and teaching methodology employed from close quarters. The most cherishing experience was spending time in the museums and galleries including the one in Washington DC. I returned to these places again and again like a student going back to the classrooms. Living in Queens as a paying guest of Ms. Meriam (surrounded, by many artworks including two George Gross drawings), brought certain stability to my existence. She was already eighty plus and an amateur printmaker. We often traveled together to the Manhattan prints studio. My wife and son joined me for about a month towards the end of my stay, to become an extended family of Meriam. I returned home in the month of August 2003. A few years later when I met Vijay in Delhi I was informed about Meriam's demise. For me her memory still continues to be an emotional link with New York City. May her soul rest in peace.

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