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Rathin Kanji

About The Artist

Artist’s Statement In modern times problems of urbanism include critical environmental issues. In developing countries, the adjustment to modern life has been problematic, consequently this has become a major concern in my work. I reorganize space, color and form in my paintings in search of harmony. This signifies the realization of urban space in ecological harmony with humans and their environment. I also emphasized the combination of text & numbers. The use of multifarious objects from the consumer world such as photographs, newspapers, digital prints etc. is not random but calculated, essential and precise. Multinational companies, their products and ads have made a great impact on our consumer society and urban landscape. The increasing demand for products has supported the concept and practice of globalization, which has brought countries across the world closer in sharing ideas and business. This optimistically can be seen as a force that breaks down political and religious boundaries. We live in the most complex period of human history. In the past two hundred years we have made advances in science, industry, machines, democratic government and the status of women than an all previous centuries combined. But at the very same time we are facing the problem of genocide, global warming, ecological destruction, human trafficking, labor exploitation, terrorism and the most grinding and relentless poverty. I am very concerned with these urban issues, and through my work I want to reveal all these crucial problems to the viewers. Fulbright Experience My Fulbright Fellowship (2003- 2004) for six months as a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Art & Design, University of Michigan was very productive and career-changing. The fellowship opportunity came at a time when I was on the extreme edge of making a drasticeffort to eradicateallexistingway of approaching my work; shifting from flat surfaces to three- dimensional installations. During my Fulbright experience I had the time to explore with the help of new technology and to experiment with video work. I felt very much supported by the University. The Asian Art curator, at the Museum of Art, University of Michigan, purchasedmy large painting on canvas, a 14 x 4’ diptych,for their collection from my exhibition held in the Warren Robbin’s Gallery. Working and sharing ideas with other young contemporary American artists was a great experience. Apart from this I had a chance to visit other major museums. It was a great experience that helped me build up my artistic career.

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