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Partha Dey

About The Artist

Artist’s Statement Old lime walls, red cement floors; frosted glasses over antique wooden windows and doors panels were my surfaces during child hood. I was in love with these textures. The antique reliefs at our old building were my inspiration. The decorated and antique crisscross beams over ceiling, hanging antique fans, old mounted tungsten lamps brackets etc. inspired me. Other than this I love cooking, along with the cuisine from grandmas, mom and the traditional chefs from our old house. The art of classic cooking deeply made an impression on my creativity. The impressions made by sweet dyes, use of bonti, decoration on floor during festivals, using of Vermilions over forehead of women through perforated papers along with the liquid red paint marks on feed gave vibrant nostalgic feelings of freeing approach of drawings. Different past traditional techniques are presently implemented in my present project. Beside the ceramics art and pottery I often combine both mediums Installed in multi-surfaced composition, where the use of contrasting materials is my ambition. Fulbright Experience By a single word my Fulbright experience was unique. At the time I was selected in 2011, I was staying at our studio house with my mom, I lost my daddy in 2004 and since then I was accompanied by mom. The worst situation appeared while mom disappeared after the final selection. I was depressed. The Final achievement of Fulbright was a brilliant dream. My project was Application of ceramics on multi surfaces. I was selected by the University of IOWA – at the Studio Art Department. After at first being ignored a little from some Iowan colleagues, I was totally impressed by them and well received. They opened their barriers as much as possible, I enjoyed them lot. I executed more than three thousand research-oriented art works during my project and I staged three solo exhibitions in the IOWA city. The USA makes Bulls Eye Glass that is used with ceramics. Enameling on copper and silver along with Ceramics were possible due to their updated facilities. Museums have a good mentality to support an artist. Visits to museums and art galleries, Curio shops in different cities like Des Moines, Chicago, Rhodes Island, Connecticut, Washington DC, New York were an added aspect of my exclusive nine months project.

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