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Hanuman Kambli

About The Artist

Artist Statement I have working on a series "human faces" which intrigues me because so often they change expression. I also created many works based on the theme "Facebook" a social network that attracts me, for which I created many works. The work "Untitled" concerns the human condition, how political and economic power suppresses human beings, how a powerful hand and visible and invisible walls divides humans and powerfully undermines fellow human beings. Poisonous mind spread poisonous thoughts, it always an action that divides and spread venom among each other, where by contrast, nature is full of peace and love! Fulbright Experience I didn’t have a specific project as such. They treated me as an international visiting printmaker-professor and provided me facilities including a studio which well equipped. As an academician it was great experience because in India we face all sorts of difficulties. I was working on series of etchings and simultaneously sharing my experiences with students and teachers.They provided me with all assistance and helped me so that I could gave illustrated talks at different Universities and art Institutions there. At the end of my term I had an exhibition of my work. I visited many museums and galleries around Michigan and Chicago.After that I worked at Blackburn studio at New York and also visited many museums, galleries and institutions and viewed many works of masters. The Blackburn studio gave me many opportunities to interact with many international artists. As a Fulbright scholar, it was big opening of free brave world of artistic expression and influenced my art practice as well as my teaching methods.

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