Shiva in Varanasi: A Tribute to Ganges

Shiva in Varanasi: A Tribute to Ganges
Abhishek Singh at Tulsi Ghat
20 December - 26 December, 2014
Curated by Anubhav Nath
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Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh was born and brought up in Gwalior, India. From a young age, he was fond of comic books and inspired by the same he started sketching at a very young age. In 2004 he graduated from National Institute of Design, Ahemdabad in 2005.

Abhishek's work is an intersection between the ancient and the modern, a bridge between the drawn temporal and the sacred meta physical. sourcing from an innate sense of kalpana and ardurous sadhana his art re-imagines the mythological stories from India, in a way where the fantastic drapes the spiritual and the symbolic. His artwork resonates diverse influences from the ancient Indian Sculptures, Kailasa temple paintings, Thangka and Miniature Art to inspirations like Degas, Klimt and Klee.