Vivek Vilasini

Prior to working as a visual artist, Vivek Vilasini trained as a marine radio officer at the All India Marine College in Kochi and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Kerala University. He then turned to visual art and began studying sculpture from traditional Indian craftspeople. In his work, Vilasini examines the social structures prevalent in contemporary society. His work engages with the ways in which society defines cultural identity and looks at the impact –often negative, that globalization has had on the definition of this identity. Selected exhibitions include ‘Between One Shore and Several Others’ at the Sumukha Gallery. Visual Arts Gallery at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi (2007); ‘Metamorphosis: Change and Continuity in Indian Contemporary Art’ at Artworks, Cincinnati (2009); ‘Who Knew Mr. Gandhi?’ at Aicon Gallery, London (2008); Galleria Christian Hosp, Austria (2008); ‘India: Public Places, and the Reap Project, London (2005).