Chandan Ahuja

Chandan Ahuja has received extensive training for about ten years in photography from mastero Raghu Rai. Ahuja’s works have been exhibited at the Delhi Photo Festival in 2011 and at FotoFreo, (Australian Photo Fest) in March 2012, curated by Bob Hewitt.

In his own words, Ahuja says, “Photography became the medium through which he (Raghu Rai)sprinkledseeds of vision, discipline and awakening in me. As I got more and more in-sync with him I developed a similar liking or disliking which was not restricted only to photography. Soon, I felt the need to find my own voice and opinion, in photography and otherwise. The process of learning was easy but to unlearn was just the opposite. Today, photography has become a medium for self development. My practice of this art is now more instinctive. It catalyzes me to see things in a worldly perspective. My projects are not only a strong expression of my feelings but also an urban documentation of zeitgeist.”