The Ojas Art @ JLF (2013)

The Ojas Art @ JLF (2013)
24 January – 28 January, 2013
DSC Jaipur Literature Festival,
Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Entry Free


Shakti Maira

Shakti Maira is an artist, sculptor and printmaker. He has had 26 one-person shows around the world, the first of which was in 1973 in Mumbai. His work is in the National Gallery of Modern Art in India, and in many private collections.
He has been engaged in children’s education and has conducted numerous workshops in schools in the US and in India. In 2005 he helped organize the ‘Learning through the Arts in Asia’ symposium in New Delhi, and was invited by UNESCO to formulate the ‘Asian Vision of Arts in Education: Learning through the Arts’.
He has written and spoken extensively on art, aesthetics and culture. In 2006 Penguin/Viking published his book, Towards Ananda: Rethinking Indian Art and Aesthetics. He was invited to speak at the Edinburgh international Festival in 2011. Recently he has been engaging in a series of cross-disciplinary dialogues on beauty with scientists, philosophers, artists, environmentalists, and others.

Details of Artwork: Sangha (double figure) from the SANGHA series, 2012, Bronze, 75”, Width: 32”, Depth: 24”