The Ojas Art @ JLF (2014)

Ojas Art @ JLF (2014)
17 January – 21 January, 2014
Zee Jaipur Literature Festival,
Diggi Palace, Jaipur
Entry Free


Shabbu Artist

Shabbu (Akhlaq Ahmed) ran away from home as a teenager from his village in UP. Selling tea on the road in Bombay outside the Alfred Cinema, he ended up assisting their hoarding painters. He came to Delhi and worked with famous hoarding studios here, like Abbass studios, till digital technology mostly eliminated their craft. Shabbu painted juice stand signs for a living and found his way to Jamia Milia Islamia, where he is currently finishing his Masters in painting. He continues to grow and explore type through his work and plans to take his rustic truck art style to new heights.


Details of Artwork: Tribute to Jaipur, Acrylic on aluminium sheet (2013) 20 x 9 feet.