Sudhanshu Sutar

Sudhansu is from the eastern Indian state of Orissa. In the words of eminent poet Kathleen Laine “The ‘real’ Orissa is what the imagination has created in her heritage of music, painting, architecture, poetry, all the crafts and arts together with her incomparable continuity in thought, and expression.” Whether it is Buddhism, Sculpture (The Sun Temple at Konark) or Odissi dance, Orissa has an impressionable image in Indian psyche and its history. 
Born in 1969 in Kalikapur village of Orissa, life was tough for the aspiring artist who graduated in Fine Arts from Utkal University (1993), Orissa. Sudhansu started with a quest to travel across Orissa on his bicycle to explore more than what he visualized of life outside his village. Convinced that he was to pursue art as a career, he felt the need to shift base to Delhi in 1994.