Maps Exhibition (2013)

Maps Exhibition (2013)
03 September – 23 September, 2013
Open 11am to 7pm
Monday closed

1AQ, Qutab Minar Roundabout
Mehrauli Road
New Delhi 110030

Maps Exhibition (2013)

It’s interesting how maps define the borders of each country. Pre-Independent India included Pakistan and Bangaldesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) and Post-Independence they became three different nations.

The maps on display are by cartographers like Mortier, Lapie, Bonne and Talliis and have been printed in England, France, Italy and the USA. Each map is accompanied with an authenticity certificate.

Cartography is the art of graphically representing a geographical area. As an art it was at its zenith in 17th-19th centuries as explorers discovered more places and were also able to mark their exact geographical locations with the help of longitudes and latitudes. During that time, there was a vast commissioning of maps by the western powers. Cartography is also educational as it helps in understanding changing geographical boundaries and the possible reasons behind them. The collection on display focuses on maps of Pre-independence India when it represented present day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.