Fellowship : Fulbright Alumni Artists

The Exhibition is curated by Kathryn Myers and Pradosh Mishra

13 January – 19 January, 2017
Open 11am to 7pm | Open everyday

Tel: 011 26644145, 8510044145
Email: art@ojasart.com



Artist’s Statement
I have been making paintings and prints since 1950. Apart from these I have also tried my hand on photography, ceramics and sculptures. I do not think I ever had a clear idea or any “CONCEPT” before starting my work or while working on that. On the other hand, while I am working, I do get all kinds of ideas; some of them are often related to the forms that my images should be given.

I must confess that I do not even know the meaning of this term “CONCEPT” that artists and art critiques have been talking about. So, some times when I am asked about my concept, I try to evade that jokingly by a reply such as: “My concept is to create a concept less image.”

Fulbright Experience
After the selections were confirmed, all awardees were invited for orientation talks. Our voyage from UK to USA was in a ship that was like ‘Mini USA’ as it was full of American students returning home after holidays in Europe. And, then I was warmly received at NY Port by Mr. and Ms. Grebe and their three little children. I stayed with them at their New Jersey home for a month.

Initially I was to study at an university in some city, but I requested USEFI to place me at an Institution that was in a metropolises. This was granted and I was placed at Pratt Institute, one of the best Institutions for learning print making in USA. As it was in New York -the happening place- I could learn so much from Museums and Art Galleries. I was allowed to accept another grant –form JDR III Foundation- and could continue my study for one more year.

After returning I shared my experiences with art students and Indian printmakers. I had not done etchings in India as there was no etching press available here and, was impossible to import them. So, my fabricator friend and I made a press similar to the one I had used at ‘Pratt’. It worked very well and many Art Collages and centres in India are now using similar presses.