Susanta Mondal


Susanta Mandal

For almost a decade (1993-2001), she had been experimenting with structural constructions in a combination of wood and canvas, used together to get a different form, and suitable to deliver her language.

Her recent body of works explores the play of structured, static forms with the ephemeral and fragile-in this case bubbles. These works incorporate another movement in the way of heaps of bubbles- moving bubbles, dying bubbles. This creates a fragile structure which lasts for a few seconds and bursts one by one. It’s a kind of performance on the structure of steel plates and rods; where super soft motion of bubbles breathe on solid steel. At a glance its fun - child like playfulness. The real bubbles, clouds - especially capturing them or holding them in a cage is physically impossible. The apparent playfulness in the structure –comes to an end with an undescribed pain.